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Common Questions About Garage Doors

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Common Questions About Garage Doors

Expert Answers To Common Questions

Our garage door repair experts took the time to respond to some of the web's most searched questions. Check their answers out below.

Why is my garage door not opening?

The first thing to do in such a scenario is to check your opener's control panel.  If you can open your door using it, then the issue most likely lies with your remote control. Sometimes simply changing the battery will do.  If your door won't open regardless of which control system you use, call our experts to come and take a look at the problem.

How can I make sure my garage door doesn't present a risk to my children?

Aside from educating your children on the dangers of moving mechanical systems. Make sure they know not to play in your garage or near the door, and keep the remote and clicker out of their reach. You should also pay close attention to the parts of your garage door that support the weight of the door, like the springs and safety cable. If you notice even the smallest sign of damage to these parts, you should have them replaced as soon as possible.

What kind of opener should I buy?

The opener you choose must be strong enough to easily power your door's movement. That means the horsepower output it will need to be able to produce varies depending on the weight and dimensions of your door. When searching for an opener, you should also consider getting one that has additional safety and security features, such as a backup battery system and smartphone compatibility.


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