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Gate Repair

Gate Repair Services | Garage Door Repair Glendale, CA

It May Be Misaligned!

It's fairly easy for a gate to be knocked even just slightly out of place and cause the whole system to be off and not close correctly. An accidental bump from a car, a nasty storm, any number of things may have caused it. Not only might the security of your home be in question if it isn't closing properly, but continued use can damage other components and cause further issues down the line. Our experts would be happy to help come out and get everything carefully back in place!

Part Repairs May Be Needed

Using your gate daily to come in and out is bound to take its toll over time and wear down the various parts. Rust can also begin to occur, which will also cause things like the gate sticking or creating a loud sound while moving. We can take care of it! Hinges are often the culprit, and we can perform welding repairs, or replace them entirely as needed. Your door will be working smoothly again in no time!

Your Opener Might Need Assistance

Your gate is a complicated system, and one of the most important components of it is the opener. If it's not functioning properly, you could be noticing all sorts of issues. The gate may get stuck trying to open or close, shudder while doing so, or even refuse to do so at all which leaves you in a frustrating spot. Don't worry! We can take care of it.

Whether it needs some parts repaired, replaced, or otherwise, our professionals are knowledgeable on a vast variety of opener types. That means that whatever your gate has, we can tend to it easily!

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