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Your garage door is quite an expensive piece of equipment. With lots of moving parts, it's only a matter of time before something starts to malfunction. If your door doesn't look balanced while it's opening or closing, or if it starts making awful noises, one of its components might be nearing the end of its life. Call our professionals at the first sign of trouble. The minor fix they'll perform today will help you avoid a major problem tomorrow.
Our experts recommend that you occasionally perform a visual inspection of your garage door to look for chips and dents. Although these can be relatively minor concerns, they can lead to bigger problems. Chipped paint can make a metallic surface more vulnerable to rust, for example, and dents can cause a jam if they are located near or on the tracks or the door's moving parts.
For security purposes, the remote control to the garage door must be kept in a safe place. A rising trend among burglars nowadays is to gain access to a house by stealing the garage door remote control. More often than not, that means they also steal the homeowner's car. Do not leave your remote control with a parking attendant or inside a car. Our professionals recommend that you keep it attached to your keychain.

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